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Galvin Green Denzel Body-Warmer

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No golfer wants to cold on the course, but we also don’t want to compromise our swing. This body-warmer maybe well be the answer!

INSULA technology is unrivalled when it comes to keeping you warm on the course; retaining body heat whilst still being breathable. We absolutely love the comfort levels of this body-warmer.

Key features and benefits:

  • INSULA technology keeps you warm even in very cold weather
  • Stretch fabric doesn't restrict your body movements
  • Extremely breathable design keeps you comfortable and fresh for the entire round
  • Zippered check pocket adds easy, safe storage for your accessories
  • 90% recycled polyester makes this bodywarmer better for the environment

You can get hold of this stylish, insulated body-warmer by clicking below to reserve one in the Pro Shop.

Reserve yours here.